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It is through our trained volunteers that we are able to deliver Guiding to over 9,500 girls.

What do Leaders do?

Over the age of 18? Volunteer now with Girlguiding Ulster and find a new passion of inspiring girls. We will provide you with all the essential training so you can complete your Leadership Qualification and are confident in your role. Volunteers have a vast range of opportunities available for them including opportunities for further learning, development and international experiences.

I adore Guiding because I love being able to make memories with my Rainbows which I know will not only resonate with them for years to come but will also give them the skills and confidence they need for so many different aspects of their lives.

Nikki, Bangor
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Leader Programmes

Leaders can attend County events, training’s, activity days and they also have the opportunity to lead international trips, become Duke of Edinburgh Leaders, gain qualifications in walking, water safety, large scale events, holiday licences and catering etc - the list is endless!

Members and supporters are covered by the Girlguiding Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance policies when they are carrying out Guiding Activities.

Adult members also have the opportunity to join the Ulster Training Team, become a Commissioner or an Adviser.

For those not wishing to commit to becoming a unit leader, the role of a Unit Helper is ideal. Helpers are vital to guiding to maintain the adult to child ratios. Parents can also become Occasional Helpers which allows them to help during meetings or at events without the regular commitment of a Leader.

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