If you want to change the world for girls and young women, talk to us about a partnership

Partnering with Girlguiding Ulster can bring all kinds of benefits to your company. Exposure of your brand or organisation to over 7000 girls and young women in N. Ireland. Brilliant opportunities for your workforce to give something back and get involved with a charity that's empowering young women's lives.

A partnership with Girlguiding Ulster is about so much more than basic brand promotion. The qualities you want to see in the workplace – leadership, vision, confidence, team-building – are exactly the qualities we nurture in girls and young women.

There are lots of ways you can partner with us

Staff development and Team Building:

Whether you’re looking to develop your staff’s existing skills, help them acquire new ones, or simply give them a fantastic day out of the office, we can tailor a partnership package at Lorne Estate that’s exactly right for you. Contact joe@girlguidingulster.org.uk for more information.

Promoting a cause to raise awareness:

If your company/business is passionate about a cause e.g. Climate Change, Conservation, Road Safety then we could work with you to develop resources to increase awareness among our 10000 strong membership. In the past we have worked with the Consumer Council on educating our members on their consumer rights and Farm Safety on raising awareness of safety on the farms especially amongst our rural members.

Designing a programme to develop the skills and knowledge of our young members:

In the past we have had partnerships with The Institute of Civil Engineering who designed 'I can be a Civil Engineer" Resource for our members and we have also recently partnered with Sport NI to deliver taster sessions to girls in non-traditional female sports e.g. Rugby