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Guides are given the opportunity to explore their individuality.

What do Guides do?

Guides have the opportunity to get out into the world, have new exciting experiences and have fun with their friends. Guides helps girls to make a difference in their community and speak out on issues that matter to them.

Guides also take part in away days, camping, overnight trips, adventures and all sorts of exciting indoor and outdoor challenges.

Guides is all about adventure! It gives me the opportunity to meet new friends, overcome my fears and challenge myself, without Guides I would not have the chance to do this.

Sarah, Banbridge
Guides Abseil MG 0455

Guide Programme

The Guide programme is flexible and is designed to allow each girl to work towards and achieve her own personal goals. The six programme themes are:

  • Know Myself
  • Express Myself
  • Be Well
  • Have Adventures
  • Take Action
  • Skills For My Future

More Info

Guides can choose from lots of interest badges and special projects including Duke of Edinburgh Award. All of these earn them badges which they can wear on their uniform, and the work they do also counts towards their challenge badges which celebrate their time in Guides.

Begin your Girlguiding journey and see what you can discover!

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